Chapter 2. Getting started with Kubuntu

Table of Contents

The Kubuntu Desktop
Starting an Application
Closing an Application
Connecting to a Printer
Connecting to the Internet
Configuring a broadband Internet connection
Configuring a Dial-Up Connection
Installing Additional Applications
Finding Packages
Installing Packages
Upgrading Packages
Removing Packages
Logging Out from Kubuntu

Using a new operating system can be intimidating. This “Getting Started” guide will help get you up to speed with Kubuntu.


Whenever Kubuntu is started, you are required to provide your username and password in order to access your desktop. The first user account is created during setup of the Kubuntu installation. Since Kubuntu is a multiuser system, a single computer can be used by many people. Additionally, you may also select a different desktop environment or shutdown/restart your computer by using the Session Type and Menu buttons.

Kubuntu Login Screen

By default, you may not login with the root user. This is intentionally done for security reasons.

The first user account created during installation also serves as the default administrator of your computer. There will be times that you will be asked for your user password when attempting to configure Kubuntu settings. You can also create extra users for Kubuntu with the KUser application.