Installing Additional Applications

Adept is a new graphical package management tool based on KDE and APT. Adept enables you to install, upgrade and remove software packages in a user friendly way. You may launch Adept from K Menu->System->Adept (Package Manager).


Software comes in packages in Kubuntu. There are over 1,000 packages in Kubuntu by default and over 10,000 is you enable the universe repositories. Adept lets you easily search the packages.

Finding Packages

To find a package you are interested in type its name in the Quick Filter search box. If you would rather browser by categories select any of the categories in the Easy Tag Filter.

Installing Packages

Press the Down arrow by the package name to get more information on it. To set the package for installation click Install Package. To install the package click Commit Changes in the toolbar.

Upgrading Packages

In order to stay up to date with the latest security and bug fixes it is important to update the software on your system periodically. You may do this by clicking the Full Upgrade button, then Commit Changes. There is also a dedicated tool Adept Updater for this.

Removing Packages

Occasionally you may wish to remove software from your computer. This may be done by on the arrow by the software entry and selecting Remove Package then Commit Changes.


If you change your mind about un-installing a package before committing the changes, you may click on Install Package.