Chapter 3. The K Menu

Table of Contents

Gwenview (Image Viewer)
Krita (Paint Program)
KPDF (PDF Viewer)
Kooka (Scan & OCR Program)
KSnapshot (Screen Capture Program)
Krfb (Desktop Sharing)
Kopete (Instant Messaging)
KPPP (Internet Dial-Up Tool)
Konversation (IRC Chat)
Krdc (Remote Desktop Connection)
Akregator (RSS Feed Reader)
Konqueror (Web Browser)
KWiFiManager (Wireless LAN Manager)
amaroK (Audio Player)
K3b (CD & DVD burning)
KsCD (CD Player)
KAudioCreator (CD Ripper)
Kaffeine (Media Player)
JuK (Music Player)
KMix (Sound Mixer)
Kontact (Personal Information Manager)
KInfoCenter (Info Center)
Adept (Package Manager)
KSysGuard (Performance Monitor)
KCron (Task Scheduler)
Konsole (Terminal Program)
KUser (User Manager)
Kate (Advanced Text Editor)
ArK (Archiving Tool)
Konserve (Backup Tool)
KCharSelect (Character Selector)
KGpg (Encryption Tool)
KdeprintFax (Fax Utility)
KFloppy (Floppy Formatter)
KPilot (PalmPilot Tool)
KAlarm (Personal Alarm Scheduler)
KArm (Personal Time Tracker)
KNotes (Popup Notes)
Printing Manager
KJobViewer (Print Jobs)
KRegExpEditor (Regular Expression Editor)
KCalc (Scientific Calculator)
Wallet Management Tool
Kubuntu System Settings
Internet and Network
System Administration
Find Files/Folders (KFind)
Run Command
Switch User
Lock Session
Log Out

The K Menu allows you to browse and start applications.


Kubuntu includes the very best graphics applications available for KDE.

Gwenview (Image Viewer)

Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE.


For more information see the Gwenview manual.

Krita (Paint Program)

Krita is a powerful paint program for KDE. It's advanced capabilities allow you to modify image in many different ways.


KPDF (PDF Viewer)

KPDF is a KDE PDF viewer based on the xpdf code. Although being based on xpdf code, KPDF has some unique features like continuous mode, presentation support, etc.


For more information see the KPDF manual.

Kooka (Scan & OCR Program)

Kooka is a KDE application which provides access to scanner hardware using the SANE library. Kooka helps you scan, save your image in the correct image format and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on it, using gocr, a popular open source OCR program.


For more information see the Kooka manual.

KSnapshot (Screen Capture Program)

KSnapshot is a simple applet for taking screenshots. It is capable of capturing images of the whole desktop, a singe window or a selected region. The images can then be saved in a variety of formats.


For more information see the Ksnapshot manual.