December 2008

KDE 4.2 Beta 1 released

KDE 4.2 Beta 1 has been released and packages are available for Kubuntu 8.10, the Intrepid Ibex. Through unexpected hospital visits and endless waves of turkey & other merriments, the Kubuntu packaging ninjas always prevail. (Even if they are a week and a half late) These packages install to their normal locations and will upgrade your current KDE 4.1.x installation.

Amarok 2.0 released

Two years in the making, the future of computer-managed music is here! Giving you a new way to interact with you music, the Amarok team have redesigned your favorite media play from the ground up to allow you to interact with your music in exciting, new ways only made possible by the technologies KDE4 has to offer. You can read the details of the release here.

KDE 4.2 Beta 2

KDE 4.2 Beta 2 has been released and packages are available for Kubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid" and 9.04 "Jaunty". Read more for details.

Kubuntu Jaunty Alpha 2 Available

The second alpha release for Kubuntu Jaunty is available now for early testers. See the release notes for more information or download it directly.