January 2009

Amarok Released

The first update to the 2.0 series of Amarok has arrived. This release brings with it several new features and small enhancements, including queuing, playlist search and filtering as well as "stop after current track" functionality. You can read the details of the release here, or click on the story heading for installation instructions.

KDE 4.2 RC1 released

KDE 4.2 Release Candidate 1 has been released and packages are available for Kubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty". Packages for Kubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid" are compiling and will be available shortly, check back soon if they are not all available when you read this. Read more for details.

KDE 4.1.4

The latest KDE 4 update 4.1.4 is compiling now in the proposed updates section of Kubuntu 8.10.

To install it enable Pre-released Updates in Adept, then under Changes click on Upgrade and Apply.

KDE 4.2 Released

KDE 4.2 has been released. Jaunty (current development release) users can do a full upgrade to get the latest packages. Packages for 8.10 (Intrepid) are in intrepid-backports.