October 2009

KDE 4.3.2 Update Released

The latest KDE update, 4.3.2 is now available.

Users of our latest development release, Karmic, can upgrade to the latest packages.

Users of our stable 9.04 release can install it from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main

It is strongly recommended that you verify the integrity of these packages by installing the archive's GPG key. You may do this by following the instructions on this page.

Kubuntu 9.10: Stable, Social and Beautiful

Welcome to Kubuntu 9.10

Kubuntu is built with the latest KDE desktop on top of a solid Ubuntu core. We believe this combination delivers a fantastic all-round home desktop experience. Our selection of tools and applications will provide you with all that you need for most of your tasks, with many more available just a few clicks away! Whether browsing the web, playing your music, composing an e-mail or connecting with your friends on social networks, Kubuntu 9.10 brings you an innovative and attractive platform for all your desktop needs. Read on for information on how to get Kubuntu and what is new in Karmic.

Installing 9.10

See Graphical Install for help on installing and Installation From USB Stick for help on installing Kubuntu Netbook.

What's New and Improved Since Kubuntu 9.04

The Karmic Koala brings with it a better integrated and more stable desktop, as well as many new features. There have been updates to many common applications as well as bug fixes to some of those annoyances you may or may not have run into. 9.10 adds a whole new version of Kubuntu especially for Netbooks revealing a user interface more suited to small screens.