April 2011

Kubuntu Natty Beta 1 Released

The first beta of Kubuntu Natty has been released. See the release page for information or go to the download page.

KDE Release Day 4.6.2

KDE's 4.6.2 releases are out. New versions of KDE Platform, Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications are available. Bugs in packaging should be reported to kubuntu-ppa on Launchpad. Bugs in the software to KDE. Users of 10.10 can install from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.

Kubuntu Natty Beta 2 Released

4.5.5 in maverick-updates

KDE Platform and Applications version 4.5.5 has been moved to maverick-updates. 10.10 users will receive the bug fix version in their normal package updates.

Kubuntu 11.04 Released

The Kubuntu team is proud to announce the release of 11.04 - codename Natty Narwhal: the latest version of our popular Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu and KDE's Plasma and Applications 4.6. With the combination of it's Ubuntu backbone, the amazing KDE Software Compilation, and a few unique extras, 11.04 aims to provide the best fusion of stability, beauty, and up-to-date software.