May 2012

Kubuntu Council Elections - 2012

The Kubuntu Council is a group of 6 Kubuntu Members who get to vote on membership of Kubuntu Members and occasionally other decisions regarding Kubuntu.

Half the council is nearing the end of their 2 year appointment so we need to hold elections for the open positions to the council. This could be you! If you are a Kubuntu Member and are willing to turn up to Kubuntu meetings as much as possible for the next couple of years do consider putting your name forward.

Plasma and KDE Applications 4.8.3 Updates

Packages for the May updates of the KDE Platform, Workspaces and Applications 4.8.3 are available for Kubuntu 12.04 in the official repositories. As long as the precise-updates pocket is enabled (this is the default) you should receive this release as part of your normal system updates.

Many thanks go to Jonathan Kolberg, Philip and Rohan for working on the packages!

Update: Now available in the standard updates repository. Adding a PPA is no longer necessary.