July 2012

KDE Telepathy 0.4 - Call for Testing

For the release of Kubuntu 12.10 we are thinking about switching to a different instant messaging framework named Telepathy.

With KDE Telepathy 0.4 we now have a viable testing candiate for you to try on your existing 12.04 installation.

Calligra 2.5 RC

Packages for the release of the Calligra Suite 2.5 Release Candidate are available for Kubuntu 12.04. You can get it from the Kubuntu Beta Backports PPA (which also contains an update to the KDE SC 4.9 beta). They are also in our development release.

Bugs in the packaging should be reported to kubuntu-ppa on Launchpad. Bugs in the software to KDE.


Quantal Alpha 3 Out

Alpha 3 of our development version is available for download and testing. It comes on larger 1GB images, features new applications like Calligra and KDE Telepathy and has a new install version on the ARM images.