Play games with your friends and family or by yourself

Kubuntu comes with a wide variety of games. You can find card, board and logic games, as well as Arcade and Strategy games. Fun and educational kids games are also included.

Play Klondike (Solitaire), Spider, Breakout, Sudoku and other well-known games.

Explore more games through the KDE Games website, or by clicking on the thumbnails below:
Kaptience Game List Kbattleship Game Kbreakout Game Ksudoku Game

Browse images with a nice interface

Pictures are an important part of today's life, with hundreds of photos of familiy and friends. That's why we think that you should be able to view them easily using a pretty interface. Kubuntu comes with graphic applications designed for the home user. You can browse, view, share and even enhance to your pictures.

Share with everyone, everywhere with a single click

Kubuntu lets you share your pictures with those you love in a simple and intuitive way. Just select the desired pictures and click export, Kubuntu will take care of the rest.

Seamlessly open documents

Open PDF, Dejavu, PS, DVI and more out-of-the-box. Annotate documents and fill in forms with Okular, the universal document viewer. Okular reads eBooks too!

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See the screenshots below to explore more:
Picture View Basic Image Manipulation Pictures Sharing Picture Browsing Okular PDF Document View Okular PDF Document View 2

Surf the Internet safely

Kubuntu comes pre-installed with Konqueror, the KDE web browser, keeping you safe on your online adventures. Konqueror is a fast, lightwheight browser with all the features you've come to expect.

Surf the Internet with Firefox

Users more familiar with the award winning Firefox web browser can install it using our one-click installation process. With Firefox you can browse faster and safer.
More open-source browsers are avaiable through Kubuntu's software repositories.

Email made easy

Kubuntu uses Kontact to let you access your email. Whether it's an important business email or a letter to a friend, Kontact's got you covered. Kontact integrates seamlessly with your address book and our productivity suite.

Chat right from the desktop with your friends

Kopete, Kubuntu's instant-messaging client, lets you chat with your friends over Facebook Chat, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Messenger, Skype and many more from a single interface. Kopete comes packed with plugins that let you chat securely, translate incomming messages to your native language and more.

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See the screenshots below to explore more:
KMail Welcome Screen Akregator Welcome Screen Firefox 1-click Installer

Multimedia made easy, with Kubuntu

Kubuntu comes built-in with a music and a movie player. The players are simple to use. Simply select a song or a movie and kubuntu will take care of the rest. Kubuntu plays most music and video formats out the box, restricted formats such as MP3 are installed with two clicks when needed.

Music exprienced on a different level

Amarok, Kubuntu's default music player, has an intuitive and friendly interface. It makes playing the music you love and discovering new music easier than ever before—and it looks good doing it!

Use Amarok to buy and download music and podcasts, watch music videos, sing along to lyrics and manage your media devices.

Enhance your experience by adding scripts to Amarok using the simple 1-click interface. Add radio stations from your area, setup an alarm clock and burn music CDs directly from Amarok.

See the screenshots below to visually explore Amarok:
Amarok Plasmoids Screenshot Amarok Screenshot Amarok Web Services

Complete and professional office suite

Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations with is compatible with all office applications including Microsoft Office. The big difference is that is free (and promises never to introduce Mr. Clippy).

Productivity suite

Kontact is the productivity suite that does it all: email, calendaring, address books, todo lists, RSS feed aggregation and personal time tracking. Never forget important meetings with Kontact's reminder service. Keep track of all your projects and print todo lists with the task manager.

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See the screenshots below to explore more:
Akregator Welcome Screen KMail Welcome Screen Kontact Welcome Screen OpenOffice Spreedsheets OpenOffice Writer